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In the past two days, a passage from Benzema has made the media and fans at home and abroad collectively "climax".


Speaking of the comparison between himself and his former French national teammate Giroud, Benzema said: "You can't confuse F1 cars with karts, I know I am a F1 car. He played his own role in the French national team. It works, that's because he was selected, that's it, nothing special."


As soon as this remark came out, the comment area that I understood exploded in an instant...Ben Ma took off the pot on his back and smashed it directly at Giroud. Dajilu people sit at home, and the pot comes from the sky.


This matter, let's discuss it in two parts.


Football is a team sport and there is no particularly intuitive standard to compare two players. Unlike boxing, are you dissatisfied? Come to fight and see if you die or I live. When we judge whether the two players are strong or weak, basically we can only start from the objective facts of personal data and team honor.


At the club level, Benzema leads Giroud in the number of Champions League titles 4-0, and the number of goals and assists are also dominant. Taking into account the previous years of supporting a historically strongest "goal monster", Benzema's actual offensive ability is slightly higher than the data. After all, as the only forward arrow last season, 30 goals in all competitions are also impressive.


The only advantage of Giroud over Benzema lies in the 2018 World Cup championship, which is also the strongest argument for most Giroud fans to counterattack.


First of all, we have to be clear. Although the World Cup champion is considered the highest honor in world football,


In addition, although the two events are both cups, the UEFA Champions League's game time covers the entire season. The test is the stability of the players for nearly a whole year, and the overall quality of the players is higher. The World Cup is a tournament system. The game time is concentrated within a month, and the chances are even greater.


In this highest level of competition, Benzema is the fourth scorer in history. Both the number of goals and the efficiency of goals surpassed the former strikers like Henry, Sheva, Ibrahimovic and Ruud van Nistelrooy. This There is already a certain degree of persuasiveness.


Moreover, Benzema holds four Champions League titles, and he has the honor of three consecutive Champions League championships, which is unprecedented and hard to come by. And Giroud has only one World Cup champion, which is thinner in comparison.


Who is the core offensive team of the 2018 World Cup champion France? Griezmann, Mbappé, Pogba.


And in Real Madrid,


A better example is the 2014 World Cup. Although the French team led by Deschamps was not the top strong team, it also showed good competitiveness. In the quarter-finals, they only lost one goal to the final champion, Germany.


In that French team, Griezmann has not yet landed in the giants, Pogba is also slightly immature, Benzema is the team's well-deserved offensive core.


At that time, both of them were in their twenty-seven years of age, and Giroud also played one of the best goals of his career in the previous season. A top coach like Deschamps, doesn't he have a steelyard in his heart?


As for the "videotape incident" that occurred later, I won't make too many comments here. People have different opinions on who is right and who is wrong. We are not the parties, and guessing is irresponsible. But it is undeniable that that incident must be one of the important reasons why Benzema never qualified for the French national team.


Some fans like to argue with hypotheses. I think, Benzema’s fans don’t even say that “France won the championship with a running horse in the 2016 European Cup”, and Giroud’s fans also don’t say “the 2018 World Cup Giroud can’t win the championship when replaced by a running horse”.

一些粉丝喜欢用假设来争论。我认为,本泽马的球迷甚至没有说“法国在2016年欧洲杯中以奔马获得冠军”,而吉鲁德的球迷也没有说“ 2018年世界杯吉鲁德被取代后无法赢得冠军”奔马”。

The fact is that Giroud did win the Hercules Cup with the French team, and the championship was real.


As for whether the gap between the two is as big as Benzema said, we can use the NBA's Golden State Warriors as an analogy.


, Is a perfect championship puzzle, top role players, can play a very important role in some aspects of the court.


Although he is not the boss on the team's attack line, he is also one of the core figures. It is the existence that can provide strong firepower output, and the functionality is not bad at all.


If Benzema is the first-class center in Europe in the past decade, Giroud should be able to rank relatively high in the second-rate center. After all, Benzema is often used by fans to discuss with Lewand and Su Ya who is the strongest center in the past decade.

如果本泽马在过去十年中是欧洲一流的中心,那么吉鲁(Giroud)应该能够在欧洲一流的中心中排名较高。毕竟,本泽马经常被球迷yabo网页版地址用来与Lewand和Su Ya进行讨论,后者是过去十年中最强大的中锋。

In fact, the most entangled point for many fans is whether Benzema should say that.


. After Xueba took the exam, I was asked how did it go? You have to be fair, or else the results are not good. Everyone will look at you as a joke. If you do well in the test, you have to recite the name of "high-profile".


. They are all compatriots and teammates who have fought side by side. They have no grudges in the past and have no grudges in the past. Even if you are telling the truth, you have to save some face for others, right? What's more, you exaggerated the facts. It is true that Giroud himself or Giroud's fans are unhappy.


But here, I still want to help Benzema. He has played for Real Madrid for 11 seasons, and he is conscientious in his professional attitude and performance. There has been no transfer, no salary increase, no conflicts in the locker room, and he has been a green leaf for so many years.


But when it comes to the national team, Benzema is often not so calm. He himself explained the whole story clearly in the documentary before, and he felt aggrieved.


If you think this way, it is actually human nature. An employee was fired from the company because of his private life. The company found a person who he thought was not as capable as him to replace him. This person also took off with the company. Who is it, who is not sour at all?


So Benma, if you have set up and maintained your "back pot man", isn't it cute? Lemon is said to have a good effect on cooking pots, but it hurts the stomach a lot.


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